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Why EleVisor?

  • Modernising the Elevators

Upgrading your elevator by installing EleVisor - multimedia lift display system that not only provide abundant information to tenants but also beautify and modernize the elevator.

  • Closer Connection with Tenants

With EleVisor, you can establish closer relationship with tenants by delivering messages on upcoming events, building maintenance, fire alarm test, any fixed or variable important messages etc.

  • Enhancing Building Image

Differentiating your building image with EleVisor - Tenants and visitors will be impressed by this advanced technology and the value-added service being offered.

  • In-Building Channel Opportunities

Besides the primary function to show lift related messages, EleVisor enables a flexible in-building channel that can disseminate information and display commercials.

  • Instant Communication Media

With EleVisor you can present updated information and live feed of various contents such as news, weather

and notice which are desired by the target audience.

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