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Multimedia Display System

EleVisor 800 (EV-800) is a full featured Multimedia Display System dedicated for lift application. It symbolizes the new generation of multimedia LCD display application in the elevator industry. With the completed control of information dissemination, it enables more dynamic contents to be shown to the passengers, like floor directories, corporate video, events promotions, still advertisements, stock quotes, sports scores, live news feed, time and date etc.

Time and Date

Rolling Text

Company Logo

Live TV feed, DVD player, avi, mpg, mp4, wmv

Video Window

Lift Emergency Singal


Downward arrow

Floor indication

Upward arrow

It seamlessly equips with interface to lift controller which allows the floor numbers and directional arrows to be shown simultaneously and overlay on the background screen. Optimum sizes of screen like 10"  to 26" can be readily available to cater for your selection.

Besides its versatility, it is extremely simple and easy to install. Thanks to the powerful and user friendly content management software which enables the ease of content administration and remote management from a central location.

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