AHR EXPO and its co-sponsors, ASHRE and AHRI, have selected S-Plasma ion Technology as the Winner in the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) category of the Innovation Awards. A panel of judges, made up of ASHRAE members selected for their exceptional knowledge of the industry and its products, reviewed and evaluated all submissions. Product entries were judged for innovation, application, value to user, and market impact.

How does SPi eliminate harmful air contaminants?

The SPi generates active hydrogen(H) and the oxygen ions(O2-) which forms hydroperoxy radical (HOO-). Then it surrounds the positively charged biological contaminants and reacts with three hydrogen elements of its protein structure, forming water vapor. Also, the active hydrogen combines with OH-radical to form a water vapor, neutralizing harmful OH-radical. The process of eliminating the harmful substances is completely harmless to human body and SPI improves the air quality.


  • eliminate airborne virus
  • eliminate allergens
  • neutralize harmful OH-radicals
  • no need to replace filters
  • quiet and silent

SPI keep your passengers safe and healthy by ensuring that clean air is provided when they are inside the elevator. SPi generates Hydrogen atom (H+) and Oxygen ion (O-) which reacts together to form Hydroperoxyl radicals which the positively charged biological contaminants then reacts with three hydrogen elements of its protein structure before forming water vapor. Also, the Hydrogen atom (H) will combine with OH-radical to form a water vapor and neutralize harmful OH-radical.

SPi has been tested and proven by many academic institutions in Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom (UK) to remove up to 99.99% biological contaminants such as Bacteria, Influenza and SARS Virus, Fungi, molds. As a lift application, SPi eliminates harmful allergens (such as dust mites, dusts, and pets' hair) which may cause rhinitis, asthma or other allergic symptoms. It also removes cigarette and food odor effectively in lift car.

Super Plasma Ionizer

  • can operate continuously
  • super engery saver
  • certified effectiveness
  • emit harmless HOO-
  • effective against smoke or odor

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