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EleVisor 200 (EV-200) are pushbuttons that are designed to meet the diverse needs of access control applications for solid durability and ease of operation. It features the flexible design and visual impact as the ideal choice for applications in lift environment. Moulded in high grade polycarbonate, the button comes in a wide range of options in shape, finish, legend and color, allowing clients to choose the button best suited to location and purpose of use.

The button can be in round or square shape with the pressel in hairline or mirror stainless steel finish. Floor legend comes with choices of plastic flat, plastic embossed and stainless steel embossed, and standard braille dots can be embossed onto the surface for the visually impaired. The illuminations are based on 5mm LED with a wide variety of colors of choice. Dual color illumination can also be made available. The button has a rugged design and meets the IP64 standard, which guarantees complete protection against dust infusion and damage from splashed water.


Shape :             
Pressel :          
Legend :          
Braille :            
Contact :         
Illumunation :    
Voltage :           
Operation :       
Weight :          
Protection :     
Compliance :    

*Specification may be subjected to change.

square              round

​hairline or mirror stainless steel plate

plastic flat, plastic embossed, stainless steel embossed

standard or nil

1 N/O, 2 N/O, N/C+N/O

red, orange, yellow, green, amber, blue, white

DC 12V, DC 24V

1,000,000 cycle



EN-81-1/2, EN81-70, EN81-71, EN81-72, EN81-73

Plastic Flat Legend

Plastic Embossed Legend
with Braille Dots

Stainless Steel Embossed Legend
with Braille Dots

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